Positivity ++
So it’s Monday again!

UST Suspends classes , almost 3 consecutive mondays now and to my fortune! I have no monday classses! So FML , i am so unlucky. 

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Busy days are here again .

So its prelims week and i must study but what am i doing? Stuck in my bed making money , blogging , and pigging out. I told my self ” Hey self , study hard okay? ” and i always end up doing nothing.

So what to change? Study habits? i don’t even have one. So how will i start studying grrrrr. 

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It’s August! Yay!

few days before my birthday and i still dont know how will i celebrate it. :|

I wanna experience birthday gift countdowns but i guess im a loser this year i dont have anything/something to expect. Well atleast i am a Happy single! 

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Break ups

It was so hard for me to handle break ups and honestly i havent survived yet. Im still on the process of moving on. I chose to move on and let go than to perfectly hold on and ended up unhappy. 

Its been more than 5 weeks now , and im living a peaceful and happy life. 

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Does not exist

"Does not exist" , isang term sa calculus na wala lang , ginamit ko lang para maakit kayo sa title nito.

Calculus ? ano nga ba ang calculus? To be honest , sobrang hirap na hirap ako sa Inegral calculus ko. Take two ko na ngayon. im attending summer class at the moment at di siya biro , payo ko lang sa inyo , wag niyong gawing biro ang pag aaral. Take two ko na pero wala pa din akong pinapasa na quizzes and it makes me sad to know na BAKIT HINDI AKO NAGIIMPROVE. 

Anw , iba na kasi yung prof ko this summer and believe me sa lahat ata ng calculus professor siya na ata ang may pinakamahirap na quizzes pero sobrang galing magturo . Im wishing for better grades and for better exam results. 

To the person who will manage to marry me,

Im stubborn , i got mood swings , i ate a lot , 3 extra rice in one meal are sometimes not enough , i burp badly, sing like a jerk , and manage to take a 10-min shower when needed. I got insecurities , cry over cause of silly little things ,i always got evil plan for slutty bitches who will try to get you from me. With all these imperfections , i am me , im the one you love , the one who will love you , not forever but i promise i’ll love you as long as im living and as long as God give me chance to love you even after death.


the girl who will be yours now and till eternity . 


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Unread text post

in life , we will experience many ups and downs . Don’t give up and always remember , everybody has a chance to correct every mistake you have in your life.

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Kami yung couple na , kapag nag aaway parang end of the world na pero tuwing magkasama kami sobrang saya lang . 

Konting tiis pa.

So it’s the last day of Final Examinations for the first sem tomorrow. Chem nalang at Philo, kontiing tiis pa SEM BREAK NA. So buhbye muna UST , it will be a bonding moment with me and my bed/malls/moviehaouse/bfhouse/home. I’m kinda excited ,atlast makakapagpahinga din . 

I’m slowly but surely becoming the person that I want to be.

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Having a hard time dealing with my school life especially academics .

You know what? Im so jealous of girls who can take a picture on webcam upload it and get thousands of notes. Im jealous of the girls who can put on bikinis without covering up and have full self confidence. Im jealous of the girls who can just smile and dont look like a retarded donkey. Im jealous of the girls who can make a silly face and still look totally attractive. Im jealous of those girls who dont ever wear makeup. I wish i could be one of them.