Im inlove with a demigod
Good Evening guys

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Okay tapos na ko sa mga dapat kong gawin , matutulog na ako ;)

downloaded Percy Jackson Movie ;3

Good morning tumblr! Off to school ;)

Started reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I just need someone

who will always be there for me when everything is wrong and nothing is right. 

Nakakapagod mag-effort pag alam mong hindi naman talaga niya mapapansin.

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Grabe sa unang araw ng celebration namin ang dami kagad tao sa bazaar/fair at sa paligid ng ust. Sa tabi ng plaza mayor sa gilid ng lover’s lane nandun yung bazaar so dun ako nakikipagsiksikan tuwing hapon para maghanap ng Quadri souvenir kaso sa dami ng tao ang hirap ang inet! Kaya sa simple line muna ko para bumili ng milk tea dahil sobrang nakakauhaw ang init pag hapon . 

Pagtapos ng klase, lagi kame nagvvolleyball sa field tapos mapapagod lang ako edi bibili na naman ako ng pagakaen! ( Isang napakagastos na linggo ) . 

Ngayon kninang 12mn , ang ganda sa ust , ang ganda ng fireworks at ng pumunta . HAHAH. Nakakatawa yung mga guest at ang gagaling . 

Anw, masaya talaga yung quadri celebration with fellow thomasian students tapos masaya pa kasi wala akong PASOK =)))) 

Hi everyone.

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My 2010 life

January 2010 

• January 1 , 12mn , i was playing dota with Gio through GG. We’re not yet boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s back then.
• My January 2010 life was awesome , full of butterflies in my stomach . ♥

February 2010 

• I don’t have any valentine and that’s awful.

March 2010 

25 - last day of my high school years but we’re still going to school for the grad practice and sing our alma matter .
26 - Gio’s birthday. ( Sleepover at their house, Hihi. Me is a rebel )

April 2010
• April 9 - if i’m not mistaken this was our Graduation ball at Sofitel Manila . Fun night ♥
• April 12 - Graduation day (Tears ) :(
• April 23 - Me and Gio’s Anniversary date .
• April 29 , Mom’s Birthday ! :D

May - Summer 2010 , eyebags , nocturnal :’((((((

June - Yey College life ♥
June 23 - Mimi’s Birthday , Freshmen Walk, First monthsary .
• Meet new Friends ♥~
• overwhelmed
• intimidated by new profs

• What’s so special in this month? Can’t think of anything ~

August ( Saddest Month ever )
• August 22 - My Birthday ,
•August 29 - Ek with friends . Fun ♥
Aug 31 - Me and Gio , Broke up 3 
( Fuck that slut bitchy whore . I’ll screw her to death, SRSLY)

• Another sad month for me . Yea , loser.
• Sept 18 - Me and gio is together , again . yey .
( I dont like anything about august and september except the getting back thingy )

• Ordinary month .

• Holloween partiieeeesss

• Christmas gift giving , ust largest living rosary , paskuhan 2010 ♥

Hoping that next year will be an OKAY year . Kthxbye.

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The cute make up!  , lol.Kidding. 



And when everything’s ready ! I got this pretty photo ♥~

Misunderstanding between numbers

Dear 6,

Please stop spreading rumors about me eating 9. You shouldn’t be talking. I hear you guys do some pretty nasty things.

Sincerely, 7